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Home decoration.

Add an extra-special touch to décor with this charming lantern that features sleek angles and a modern-edge design. A must-have for your house this holiday. Buy now to get a special discount for early bird order.
Minimal design
Lighting has the power to transform a room. From the way it casts a glow to the way it looks, there is a reason designers call it the jewelry of a room. Furthermore, lighting is probably the most easily recognizable and instantly iconic piece you can invest on.
Metallic gold-plated
Designed in the 1950s by Isamu Noguchi, these paper lanterns are seeing a resurgence this year, especially in hotel designs. Imagine it in its largest size making a bold statement in a space with ultra-high ceilings.
High quality materials
Inspired by white plaster Giacometti-style chandeliers, French designer Serge Castella designed a series of organic-shaped white plaster chandeliers that have become instant classics and are becoming increasingly in demand.