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Sheelance, is your online business community + entrepreneurial education membership designed to help you grow your business, build relationships +  make a full-time income doing what you love.

Whether you’re pre-start or ready to scale, you’ve landed in the right place. We support women in building their businesses through Sheelance and we’d love to work with you next!

If you’re looking for more clarity, a step-by-step action plan, accountability and an incredible group of business besties, click below to dive into our community and get started!

How can Sheelance support you?

Become a part of our private community (aka the best online girl gang) to support you at all times. Ask any questions, learn from other members, access the job board, participate in events, share your wins, be listed in our freelancer directory and be eligible for client referrals.

We also have multiple high value workshops & office hours with experts every single week you can participate in too!

Oh and let us introduce you to the Sheelance Success Framework.

Think of this as your North Star for starting or scaling your business from the idea stage all the way up to six-figures and beyond.

This is the blueprint that we take all of our Sheelance Members through in order to help them create a clear step-by-step path to success.

Not only will you have a clear path to success, but we’ll help hold you accountable along the way. Within your members lounge, you’ll find tons of resources, checklists, videos and workbooks to help you map out and achieve success.

You’ll tick things off as you work through the framework, allowing our team to see the progress you’re making and supporting you where you need it.

The Sheelance Success Framework

aka: your roadmap to building a successful and profitable business.

Karuna designed this framework to create incredible success and abundance in both your business and your personal life. 

She has taken her over 25 years experience in freelancing, business, sales and marketing to create a road map that would help you get from A (your idea stage) to B (your thriving & profitable business).

…oh, and we’ve made it super simple too.

These things really do not need to be complicated and fluffy.

vision is the idea, services, skill development and alignment stage.
Lead Gen
creating ever increasing opportunities & new prospects in your sales funnel.
Here we focus on two things: making money and managing money.
In this pillar, we’ll show you how to make sure that your business works for you, rather than you work for it.
Here we focus on both personal and business growth.
sheelance success framework

Don't waste time trying to learn everything on your could cost you your hopes & dreams

Maybe you’re close to losing hope right now.

It’s not easy to build an empire…

… especially when you may be struggling to find new clients, get paid what you are worth and stay on top of all the things while trying to balance your family, your health, your happiness, or your peace of mind. 

You know, the entire reason you got into business in the first place?

Some days, it just feels overwhelming.

You’re also at risk of getting trapped in a cycle that goes something like this:

You’ve landed a few new clients, but now you are working more than ever and neglecting yourself in the process.

So you slow down marketing efforts and focus on the clients you have. 

Then, things change unexpectantly and you suddenly need new prospects. 

So, you dive back into marketing efforts and the entire cycle repeats again.

Then, frustration, exhaustion, and lack of progress can give way to that nagging voice entrepreneurs dread—“Maybe I’m not cut out for this after all.”

You want a business that lets you be free and live how you want.


Success leaves clues.....and in Sheelance we help you unravel the mystery!

Sheelance Is for Women Like You...

“Two years back I had so many inhibitions about launching an online business and today I run a design business and a few months back we hit our first $100k in 12 months of existing.”


Online Course Creator

“I’m still in shock…I just had my first $10K DAY, signing up two clients to our $5k program in one day. Still. In. Shock. We’ve been working so hard to get here…this group has been so helpful for keeping my mindset strong, and I want to give some of that back.”


Wellness Coach

“It's been a month and as of Monday I will be full time in my own business. I’m so excited and a little nervous!”


Fractional COO

Business Done Differently

Many online communities miss the mark on genuine connection.

Many online courses tend to lecture rather than nurture personal growth.

Many business coaching programs do not help you get leads.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to business.

One that encompasses your mind, body, and financial well-being. In Sheelance, we offer courses, foster community, and provide coaching to guide you in……

  • The Must-Do Details: marketing, digital platforms, product development, and income generation.
  • The Enjoyable Bonuses: networking, camaraderie, mentorship, and friendships.
  • The Inner Work: purpose, alignment, mindset and motivation.
  • The Opperational Logistics: legalities, accounting, management & paperwork.

Is Sheelance Right for Me?


Accounting & Finance
Actors &
Make-Up Artists

Content Creation
Creative Services
E-commerce Stores
Event & Wedding Planning
Fashion & Style
Healing & Spirituality
PR Photography & Videography Product-Based Sales
Real Estate
Salon Owners
Senior Management Technology & App Based Virtual Assistants
Yoga & Wellness

.... so much more!

You Deserve To Make A Full-Time Income Doing What You Love Every Day

When you join Sheelance, you’ll have all the community, knowledge and support you need to transform your life, make more money + have an impact. We can’t wait to connect with you + support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Sheelance Is More Than Just Another Membership


Our Signature Framework for Launching and Expanding Your Business.

Experience a transformation in both your life and business by following our straightforward, tried-and-true roadmap. By knowing precisely what steps to take and when, you’ll conserve both time and effort, facilitating growth.

Weekly Coaching Calls & Workshops 

Empowering each other as women is our core ethos. We offer weekly coaching from our team, ourselves, and specialists in the field, ensuring you always have a place at the table.

Private Community

Building your business doesn't have to be a solo journey. Our exclusive community is always accessible, ready to offer guidance and boost your spirits during challenging times.

Exclusive Bonuses, Discounts + Perks

With your membership, you gain privileged access to perks such as early-bird offers, reduced prices on our top-recommended business-enhancing products, and much more.

Templates, Guides & Resources

Concentrate on the pivotal aspects of your business and achieve tangible outcomes by using our success proven templates, guides & resources.

Networking Opportunities, Coworking Events + More

Connect with like-minded women in your field for motivation, insights, and unwavering support.

Directory Listing & Business Profile

Each Sheelancer gets listed in our business directory which is viewed by potential clients. We also feature our members on social media or as featured members in our emails that go out to potential customers.

Client Referral Eligibility

Each member goes through an interview, skill testing and portfolio review before being eligible for client referrals through us. After doing so, if we think you are the right fit then we send potential clients directly to you!

Exclusive Job Board

Each and every week we post new remote jobs in North America & the UK within the following industries; tech, marketing, admin, sales and creatives. Our members are free to apply to as many gigs as they like AND can also post any opportunities they may have for others too!



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